Useful information

Do I need to prebook my visit to Winter World? Click to openClick to close

It is always a good idea to drop us a line to and let us know when you plan to come, how many people are with you and if you wish to have a husky ride. You can as well show up without prior booking during our opening hours however we cannot guarantee if husky ride is available then.

What do I need to bring with me? Click to openClick to close

Just come in your normal clothes. Thermal overalls are warm, you need only a T-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt and jeans as a base layer. Definitely take your cameras with you.
Good mood is also a must!

How much time I need to enjoy the place? Click to openClick to close

In average the guests spend 1-2 hours in Winter World.

How can I get to Winter World if I’m not a part of an organized group? Click to openClick to close

The easiest way to get to Winter World is by taxi. The price getting to Winter World by taxi from city center is around 40 eur. You can also use public transport, please note the nearest bus stop is about 1 km away from Winter World. For checking public transportation please use Our address is Savikiekontie 4, Helsinki.

Is husky ride available every day? Click to openClick to close

Husky ride is normally available for groups. However if you are travelling individually and let us know the date when you are coming we’ll inform the best time to visit us so you can get on the husky ride.

I’m travelling with small children. Is it safe to come to Winter World with babies? Do you have warm clothes for them? Click to openClick to close

Winter World is completely safe and enjoyable place for children. There is no age limit, so both children and adults are welcome. Our smallest thermal overall is 80 cm (2’6”) and the smallest shoe size is EU 22. We also have small kids’ gloves so we believe we find warm clothes for the baby.

Can I use my own shoes? Click to openClick to close

When heading to Winter World we recommend to change your shoes to the ones we provide. There is snow on the ground. It is not deep and not slippery but you still have to be careful. Our shoes are specially designed for winter conditions and do not slip.

What kind of warm clothes you provide? Click to openClick to close

You will get thermal one piece overall, winter boots and rubber gloves. You can also get socks if you need. Overalls have hoods so there’s no need for hats.

Can I use camera in Winter World? Click to openClick to close

You definitely can and should use your camera in Winter World!
Please note that because of cold temperature camera or phone might run out of battery faster than in normal conditions. It might be good idea to have a spare set of batteries or a charger with you.

Which currency do you accept? Click to openClick to close

We take euro cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex).

I’m going to visit Helsinki in autumn/winter and would like to come to Winter World. We are a family of 4. Click to openClick to close

In autumn and winter Winter World is open on request only for groups of min 20 people (please check “Info for Groups“). However we are happy to welcome individual travellers and families in summer (May-August) when we are open for everyone every day. Please check our opening hours.