About Winterworld

Winter World was built in 2010 indoors in a big hall. You can basically say it is located in a huge fridge 🙂 Lapland is so far away but so beautiful that we felt like everyone visiting Helsinki even for one day has to see and experience it. If you do not have time to go to Lapland – Lapland comes to you!

Our high season lasts from the beginning of May till the end of August. During this period we are open every day for everyone. The rest of the year – from September to April – we are hosting groups of minimum 20 people on request.

Winter World Helsinki is a part of Wild Nordic and Lomarengas Group, which has been providing wilderness holidays in Finland for more than 40 years. In Autumn 2014 Wild Nordic Finland merged with the talented activity organizer “Unique Lapland” and is creating a new wave of business to the areas of Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Norwegian Lapland.

Here in Winter World you will feel the atmosphere of wintery Lapland. Lapland is an area above the Arctic Circle uniting Northern parts of Russian, Finland, Sweden and Norway. You won’t find Lapland on the map as a country but what makes Lapland so special is the original Sami people with their unique way of life, culture and traditions that define the whole area. Lapland is located about 800 km or 500 miles North from Helsinki and for those who do not have time to travel that far we’ve brought a piece of Lapland to Helsinki.

Winter World’s founder and CEO Sami Päivike is a true adventurer constantly searching for the best experiences to share with guests of Helsinki and Finland. We used to have curling and even reindeer rides here in Winter World however these activities did not prove themselves for various reasons. At the moment in Winter World one can slide down the hill on a plastic sled, push a friend sitting on a kicksledge, try to make couple of steps on fun skis, take a picture for a Christmas postcard in our Santa’s studio and peek in igloos; get lost and found in an ice labyrinth. We are open for ideas and always willing to try something new and fun.

Bearhill Husky and their lovely Alaskan huskies have been with us every summer since 2010. A team of about 20 well trained and excited Alaskan huskies and professional musher Valentijn Beets come every year all the way from Rovaniemi city on Arctic Circle to Helsinki in the South of Finland to meet our guests and take them for a ride.

Our weather forecast of the day is always -3 C (25 F). The beautiful decorations in Winter World thus stay there the whole year around and do not melt. Indeed every year we are renovating the interior and every 3-4 years changing the decorations completely. The Winter World you see today was built in 2013 and is the second version of the venue. The beautiful ice sculptures, tables and ice bar are designed and made by Kurtakko brothers, talented ice sculpturers from Lapland.

Not only many people come to Winter World to see and touch snow in the middle of summer. Corporate parties, bachelor parties, photosets for various magazines, TV shows shooting, birthdays, dinners, lazer games and many more events take place in Winter World the whole year around.