Souvenir Shop

Our Souvenir Shop has unique items that refer to traditional Lapland travel memories  and handicraft from local Finnish artists.

Silicone ice glass mold

It is so easy to make your own Ice Shot Glasses. Simply fill the mold with water and place it to the deep fridge. Serve for welcome drink as vodka or any aperitif. It is also very cool to play with the glass design and fill the water with green herbs or red berries.

Snowball that does not melt

Our snowballs both feel and sound like real snow, just do not melt. Snowballs aid hand-muscle relaxation and increase blood circulation. They may also ease your stress level. We hope our snowballs bring back warm childhood memories for you and act as a piece of everyday joy.

Luxurious reindeer fur

Super soft reindeer fur of the finest quality.  Each is unique in its coloring and markings. Reindeer hides make a fabulous home accessory, bringing a tactile warmth to your interior and exterior living space. Use as a throw, wall hanging or decorative rug.

Furry Husky toy

Husky dogs are cute, furry husky toys even cuter! There are different sizes of the toys, so you might want to consider how to stuff the larger one into your suitcase.

Unique Design by Maria

Lovely necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all handmade by local artist Maria Väänänen. By purchasing her designs you can be sure that no one else in the world has a similar.

… and much more!

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