Customer feedback

Customer feedback“Ice Ice Baby!”
This was an excursion we went on while on a cruise – what a delight! The Ice Bar is exactly what it says even the glasses are made of ice. We got a free shot of Vodka or Cider. They provide the snow suits boots and gloves and it was a novelty for being in snow in June! Igloos, cross country skiing, dog sledding, and the bar are all included. Great for families, couples, or singles!
Sherry, California, USA

“Icy Blast!”
What fun! Loved the husky sled ride, the skiing and kick-sledding! And the ‘icing’ on the top was the vodka in an ice glass at the Ice Bar in the Igloo Hotel.
We were wisely advised to ‘embrace the child within’, and the letting go just made the experience that much better. I was a little disappointed, though, that the snow wasn’t soft enough to make good snow angels, but it was great for skiing on!
Silvana, Turkey

“Baby, It’s Cold Inside!”Customer feedback2
At the end of June we visited Helsinki as part of the Silver Seas Baltic cruise we were on. This excursion to the the Winter Wonderland was a highlight of our trip. While the weather in Helsinki was a balmy upper 70 degree F day, it was quite cold inside their facility. Cold enough to keep snow on the ground. They provided us with overalls, boots and gloves. And we needed them!

The biggest reason we wanted this excursion was the opportunity to ride a dog sled. And we were not disappointed. There is an inside course run in what is really a huge warehouse outfitted as if we were farther north. So around the course we went and it was a lot of fun. We also had a chance to see their ice hotel rooms and sip vodka at the ice bar! We even had a visit with Santa Claus. All-in-all, a very enjoyable day and you likely would enjoy it, too.
River, USA

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